Tupperware Catalogue 2 (NEW PROMOTION) Part 3

Tupperware Catalogue 2 promotions starts 17th February 2014 till 31st March 2014.

Take control of your health

As we get older, it is normal to succumb to the physical effects brought about by the aging process. Additionally, our hectic lifestyles, unhealthy diet and exposure to environmental factors can also cause our bodies to age faster. Nevertheless, you have the power to control how you age. Now with NatureCare™ Pomergranate Full Spectrum, you can boost antioxidant levels to ensure you stay strong and age well.

7009 00 – NaturCare™ Pomegranate Full Spectrum (1) 60 softgels $38.00

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Build Immunity System and Focus Better

Can’t concentrate & focus well during studies? Are you a fussy & picky eater? Always fall sick easily? You need to recover faster from illnesses? Try DHA Colostrum! It will make you a healthier, stronger, and smarter 🙂 Suitable for everyone of all ages!

1/7005 16 NaturCare DHA Colostrum + Vit D Chocolate Chews  (1) 16s $10.00

2/7005 60 NaturCare DHA Colostrum + Vid D Chocolate Chews (1) 60s $34.00


**Do feel free to contact us at tupperware.fantic@gmail.com for any orders/enquiries, by leaving a comment or start a conversation with us.


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