Promotion for this month – Tupperware Freezer Mate

Tupperware presents Freezer Mate, set of two medium sized/small sized containers that is specially designed for your freezer storage needs. These containers feature specially designed base at the bottom of every container which prevents slipping and sliding. It also has rounded corners and recessed bottoms that allow air to circulation which leads to fast freezing. Made from low-density polyethylene and polypropylene, these containers from Tupperware are known for their superior quality and durability. Get yourself the Tupperware edge with this container set.

1110 8378, Freezer Mate Small II (4) 650ml ~ $52.00
1109 1542, Freezer Mate Medium II (2) 1.5L ~ $42.00

They are the best buy we have purchased, our families are using them daily after marketing almost every morning. Many other mummies out there can justified on this too.

Leave us a comment, open a conversation with us or email us at for inquiries or placement of order. We are pleased to assist you.

Thank you.


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