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TwinkleTup – Every Parents want these for their Prince and Princess at home!​

216767-b5f928d24b942f561927bac4b3b5f1d8Twinkle Totz Set comprises:-
1/1110 6840 Twinkle Snack Cup ~ $5.90
2/1110 6837 Twinkle Training Cup ~ $14.90
3/ A688 Twinkle Easy Grip Bowl + Twinkle Hang-On Spoon ~ $7.70

Twinkle Kidz Set comprises:-
6/1110 6839 Straw Brush ~ $2.50
5/1110 7687 Twinkle Feeding Bowl ~ $7.30
8/1110 7784 Twinkle Cutlery Set with Casing ~ $8.50
4/1110 6838 Twinkle Straw Tumbler ~ $14.90

Looking for replacement straw for the Twinkle Straw Tumbler, $1.80 for 1 piece.

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Garlic N All Keeper is the perfect solution to keep your garlic, onion, potatoes and ginger in the kitchen because it is stackable, saves lots of counter space and its special lid allows air to circulate, keeping these food fresh.

With the click lock lid, it is a truly hygienic way of keeping food away from the rats, lizards and cockroaches!

1. Innovative, angled lid allows for easy retrieval. Containers stack up modularly to save space.

2. To lock, push down on edges with both thumbs.

3. Transparent walls let you identify contents quickly.

4. Ventilated lids allows air to circulate to minimise condensation and codour problems.


Garlic N All Keeper (1) 3.0L ~ $38.20

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One Touch Tupperware

One Touch Canisters and Toppers are easy to use, air tight, and hard wearing, making them the obvious choice to store frequently used foodstuff. With arrow pointing to the centre of the seal, just one press of the finger is all that is needed to seal it.

1. To open, just press down centre and lift lid. To close, press down the centre.
2. Canisters fits snuggly inside one another to save space.
3. Virtually air tight seal ensures contents remains where there are.

These Canisters and Toppers are great for your household, three generations of my family uses them. We use them to store dry products, soups, leftovers of food and SNACKS which are our favourite. Mummies and friends bought them to store soups stocks, milk powder or beverages powder, nuts, biscuits crackers and even rice.

Mummies & friends, if you have anything in mind that you want to store either in the One Touch Canisters or Toppers. Feel free to let us know so that we can recommend to you your best needs for your usage.


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Tips on how to use Tupperware Microwaveable

Microwaveable Cooking Tips

  1. Avoid over-filling container with food to ensure food does not touch the seal when reheating. This may cause potential damage to the seal.
  2. Never use non-microwaveable containers or wraps as you may encounter toxic release.
  3. All Microwaveable products are not intended for cooking – use them to microwave, reheat previously cooked food, to desired serving temperatures.

Reheating instructions

  1. Pop open vent cap before placing in microwave oven. Do not close vent cap immediately after reheating
  2. If reheating takes more than 5 minutes, stop occasionally to remove seal and stir for even reheating.

Use and Care

  1. Not intended for cooking, but to reheat previously cooked food to desired serving temperatures.
  2. When dividing into portions, remember fill-line indicates maximum capacity

Microwaveable Serveware

Blossom Microwaveable Bowls (4) 600ml ~ $16.80

Blossom Microwaveable Plates (4) ~ $28.00

Blossom Microwaveable Serveware (GREAT FOR HOUSEWARMING GIFT)
Oval Server with Colander (1) 1.8L & Serving Spoon (1)
Serving Dish (1) 1.1L & Serving Spoon (1)
Soup Server (1) 1.8L & Soup Ladle (1)
Serving Platter (1) 600ml & Serving Spoon (1)
Gift Box

Blossom Mugs & Seals (4) 350ml ~ $29.20

Blossom Pitcher (1) 2.3L ~ $27.40


Tupperware Caribbean Petit Bowl

Caribbean Petit Bowl (6) 150ml, $23.50
BUY 2 SAVE MORE, Caribbean Petit Bowl (12) 150ml, $41.40

These Caribbean Petit Bowls are great for Jelly-O deserts for family, snacks for children to bring to school or outdoor. Planning for a travelling trip and you need to pack milk powders, biscuits, medication for adults and children, sweets to keep in the bag; then this will definitely be the OPTION storage that you need.

We definitely did not know much of how to make use of these storage containers until we have seen my mum using them for all these.

Using Tupperware is definitely a lifestyle! Are you with us yet?

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Promotion for this month – Singapore Special & Tupperware Classic Selection for Microwavable products

Tupperware Crystalwares are HOT INQUIRIES made by mummies & friends who are working. Nowadays, everyone is trying to cut down on their expenses on eating out. So packing from home will be a greater solution for all. Eat healthy is definitely on the priority list now since everything is going up in Singapore.

Click on image to enlarge.


Singapore Special
New CrystalWave Small Set: comprises:
New Crystalwave Small (1) 400ml
New Crystalwave Small (1) 600ml
New Crystalwave Small (1) 800ml
Total: $52.80 NOW


page0019Tupperware Classic Selection for Microwavable products
1/1105 8458
Reheatable Divided Lunch Box (1) 850ml ~ $24.20

2/1105 8191
CrystalWave Soup Mug (2) 460ml ~ $25.80

3/1109 1610
CrystalWave Divided Dish (1) ~ $25.90