Garlic N All Keeper is the perfect solution to keep your garlic, onion, potatoes and ginger in the kitchen because it is stackable, saves lots of counter space and its special lid allows air to circulate, keeping these food fresh.

With the click lock lid, it is a truly hygienic way of keeping food away from the rats, lizards and cockroaches!

1. Innovative, angled lid allows for easy retrieval. Containers stack up modularly to save space.

2. To lock, push down on edges with both thumbs.

3. Transparent walls let you identify contents quickly.

4. Ventilated lids allows air to circulate to minimise condensation and codour problems.


Garlic N All Keeper (1) 3.0L ~ $38.20

Leave us a comment or email us at for inquiries or placement of order. We are pleased to assist you. Thank you!


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