One Touch Tupperware

One Touch Canisters and Toppers are easy to use, air tight, and hard wearing, making them the obvious choice to store frequently used foodstuff. With arrow pointing to the centre of the seal, just one press of the finger is all that is needed to seal it.

1. To open, just press down centre and lift lid. To close, press down the centre.
2. Canisters fits snuggly inside one another to save space.
3. Virtually air tight seal ensures contents remains where there are.

These Canisters and Toppers are great for your household, three generations of my family uses them. We use them to store dry products, soups, leftovers of food and SNACKS which are our favourite. Mummies and friends bought them to store soups stocks, milk powder or beverages powder, nuts, biscuits crackers and even rice.

Mummies & friends, if you have anything in mind that you want to store either in the One Touch Canisters or Toppers. Feel free to let us know so that we can recommend to you your best needs for your usage.


Leave us a comment or email us at for inquiries or placement of order. We are pleased to assist you. Thank you!


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