Tips on how to use Tupperware Microwaveable

Microwaveable Cooking Tips

  1. Avoid over-filling container with food to ensure food does not touch the seal when reheating. This may cause potential damage to the seal.
  2. Never use non-microwaveable containers or wraps as you may encounter toxic release.
  3. All Microwaveable products are not intended for cooking – use them to microwave, reheat previously cooked food, to desired serving temperatures.

Reheating instructions

  1. Pop open vent cap before placing in microwave oven. Do not close vent cap immediately after reheating
  2. If reheating takes more than 5 minutes, stop occasionally to remove seal and stir for even reheating.

Use and Care

  1. Not intended for cooking, but to reheat previously cooked food to desired serving temperatures.
  2. When dividing into portions, remember fill-line indicates maximum capacity

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