Healthy Skin for You

Ever wonder what causes your skin look dull and has pigmentation?

Ageing isn’t the only factor: dust, pollution and hormonal changes play a part in lacklustre skin.
What our skin needs is the extra boost of Oxygen! Oxygen isn’t just something you breathe in, it is also essential in having a youthful and healthy looking skin. When oxygen is lacking at the cellular level, our skin begins to age and can become dull.
Pigmentation, dark spots and discoloration are tell-tale signs of internal ageing and long term damage can be caused by sun exposure.


With our Nutrimetics Ultra Care Brightening Oxygen Treatment, your journey to beautiful, radiant skin starts at home. It’s like a visit to the salon but at a very affordable price. This breakthrough formula is highly concentrated in Oxygen Power and rich in Multi-Active Botanicals (white mulberry root, licorice root, pea extract) and acai berry.

Tupperware Catalog 5:2014 (Order at



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