Limited Edition Hello Kitty Tumperware Bottles



Hello Kitty X Tupperware®

Calling all Hello Kitty fans out there….look out for the Limited Edition Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles that are both cute and eco-friendly!Made from non-toxic, food grade material, these Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles are an instant appeal to both kids and adults. Durable and colourful, these bottles are perfectly sized to carry along to keep yourself hydrated wherever you go.

Putting the cute factor aside, the Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles are not just for storing water, it is also perfect for candy and snacks on the go, all thanks to its excellent airtight properties. Designed with a wide base for stability, it also features an easy-to-open flip cap with a good sized nozzle to drink or pour out your snacks with NO spillage.

Earlybird Special!

Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles (Set of 4) 425ml at S$36.00 NOW*
(Retail Price: S$44.00)
*Earlybird price will cease strictly on the 4 Feb 2016



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February 2015 Catalogue

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Feel free to leave comments or email us at for inquiries or placement of order. We are pleased to assist you. Thank you!

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